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It’s now nearly two years ago that upon returning home from a nice run in Forêt de Soignes, that I had this excruciating pain in my left knee. I was only 300m from home. Good thing, as I was barely able to walk. After a day’s rest and lots of ice, I could walk again and went to see a doctor. Since I arrived in Bxl, this would be my first doctor visit. Brief reponse: “Oh, you do sports? Tendinitis it must be”.
Pain went, running started again: and pain came back!
Year later: went to another GP. Now it is tendinitis. And it’s massive. This one went, but little inflammations always came back even without doing heavy sports. As much as a walk into town would instigate some inflammation, you can image how I felt about taking up running again.

This year

I thought that my Bechterew had finally gotten hold of my knee. Not probable as it’s usually a back issue, but ever returning inflammations are a sign. And once you get Bechterew (or Ankylosing spondylitis), there’s no way back. You can only hope to feel decent on good days, and hope you’re able to do minimal amount of sports.
That was until a friend and physiotherapist thought that there might be some issue with the meniscus. So after dealing with GP and specialist holidays, I finally got a judgement through an MRI scan.
Tendons still inflamed but also inflammation on meniscus. Which worries me as I have barely done anything but walking around.

What now?

  1. Lose weight (goal: well under 85kg first and less than 21% fat percentage)
  2. Start sports
  3. …finally pick up running

But all that with a little insole into my left shoe, as my left leg is slightly shorter and that might give some relieve to my knee.


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  • Jeroen says:

    Dus uitslag is er. imflammation nog na zo’n lange tijd. Dus nu afvallen.. moet niet moeilijk zijn, kan je tips geven want ben terug gegaan naar de 81. een zooltje in de schoen vanwege iets korter been, interessant..

    bel je van de week ff

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