Fired over ALL CAPS EMAIL!

September 3, 2009 Comments Off on Fired over ALL CAPS EMAIL!

AlphabetMany of you are probably rejoicing in this title, thinking “Finally!”… and secretly thinking that improper use of of reply-all and improperly adding half of the company in CC should be treated equally. And I must admit, I for one loathe the mentally challenged who feel like they can shout because it’s ‘only’ an email.
I learnt about netiquette back in the 90s at university. But moving on to the corporate world, you quickly learn that not all of us have learnt this. But in my second job, I do remember receiving some information on how to use and not use e-mail. The principle of ALL CAPS &eq; shouting was explained. But at ProCare Health in New Zealand, they hadn’t, and they have no proof of ever warning the woman over her outrageous behaviour. So when it comes down to the legal stuff, they had not fairly terminated her.

Suggestion: all companies should have netiquette rules in the welcome package (and send out regular mails, preferably ever day and with lots of capital letters 😉 ), about netiquette. This will enable you to get rid of the morons who abuse your email system for causing disharmony in your company.
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