Recognising a talented and dedicated photographer

September 15, 2009 Comments Off on Recognising a talented and dedicated photographer

As I started writing this blogpost, somebody else came up with an article on “10 Traits You Should Possess if You Want to be a Good Photographer”. There’s a lot of truth in that article, especially when it comes to passion and patience.
You recognise the truly good photographer through many aspects in their work.
An eye for composition (There’s the whole spiral thing for square format, or there’s rules of thirds or even better: the Golden Mean.) The way a photographer can create dynamics into a still image. Great feeling for contrast, contrasts in colours, dark and light, subject and background, name it… Patience and being prepared to capture the ideal moment. The good photographer has a knack to work with his/her models, guides them and makes them feel comfortable. A good photographer knows his/her light, whether the master is a strobist, swears with natural lights, or loves to create light with constant light. The photographer understands exposure, depth of field, panning and all that other technical stuff. And I guess you can probably come up with some other qualities, but yesterday I saw something truly remarkable in my Flickr stream. An example of true dedication, restraint and passion for photography.



When you see this in the water, and the first thing you think of is getting the camera out to shoot, rather than jumping in, then you show a passion for photography that has hardly ever been equaled. To model and photographer: you made my day, I envy you being in Thailand. May the rest of the travel be as fun as the first weeks looked.

Picture by matuvu


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