Don't feed the models!

October 7, 2009 Comments Off on Don't feed the models!

Ralph Lauren modelRalph Lauren has lashed out with a DMCA against the PSD website for using the photograph on the left of this article to illustrate that either there’s something wrong with the photoshopping or that the models don’t get fed enough *grin*.
To be fair, I think it was a bit of both. This was clearly a model with weight issues, but as if that was not enough, one does not have to think a long time to assume that photoshop is used with exaggeration as the model’s head is wider than her waist! Now, ultimately, this could be an aberration of nature, but I’m not sure the girl would have gotten a model contract in this case.
Blogspot has immediately taken down the post, as they normally do in such cases. But there’s plenty of places on the net where you can find information on the Ralph Lauren “issue”. Boinboing is even going further and will actively mock Ralph Lauren for every move they make in this case.
I can’t be sure of course, but there are a couple of words the Ralph Lauren employees won’t likely say out loud in the office: “fair use” and “photoshop” 😉 Do you think Rachel’s still working there?


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