My favourite things: delicious, google si and microblogging

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FirefoxI stopped using browser bookmarking in 2005 when I discovered, now I was probably one of the later people to start using it. Great thing about that was the tagging mechanism so you could easily find back your bookmarks without spending numerous hours finding back that link you once saved 😉

Blog integration

WordpressIt wasn’t long before I saw people integrating their bookmarked links into their blogs and Delicious followed swiftly by providing a xmp-rpc based solution for posting automatically to your blog. I sort of followed that trend, then converted this into only splicing delicious links into my feed only. All this only to find out that in my Delicious bookmarks there soon were more “Shared Items” than actual bookmarks that I wanted to keep. #FAIL #defeatingtheobjective

Google Shared Items

google When I noticed that Google had something called Shared Items, I started using that for publishing to my blog. Only problem here is that I can do that in a widget, but there’s no possibility yet (that I know of), to splice this into my feed. Google, owning feedburner now, could/should technically be able to provide this functionality, but I’m still waiting!


tumblr 48_48Soo, what about twitter, tumblr, posterious,…? I don’t know anymore. It seems that twitter has become the chatbox that was IRC in the olden days. The olden days where # was used to indicate a channel and not yet a hashtag. The channels that are so much missed. Well, you can sort of “create” channels with a bit of organisation in tweetdeck or with a handy firefox/greasemonkey script. So is it ideal for sharing links I discover? Not really… And I find tumblr/posterious handy for showing a little video or a funny picture, but I’m still sort of wondering whether I could start doing that on this blog again? Why YABP (yet another blog platform)?


facebookOh yes, and there’s facebook. Yes, but that’s not ideal either, is it? And what about dividing the friends in groups, the ones who are interested in your shared items and those who are not? Because one thing’s for sure, I won’t be using Fessebouque for publishing content elsewhere (if there were such a service). And within Facebook, I don’t have the impression that my Shared Items pop up nicely for my “friends”.
Screen shot 2009-10-07 at 18.23.30

Anyway, If you want to join in and get my shared items delivered into your feedreader:


I guess this is where friendfeed goes?


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