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October 25, 2009 Comments Off on Lightroom 3 bèta

Warning: I have not tested the new functionalities with the Bèta version, I’ve only had a look at the videos to understand what was new.
There’s a whole bunch of improvements that I’m happy. Top will probably be the many improvements in workflow, as that is the main function of Lightroom anyway. Import is a lot more customisable and the interface looks slicker than LR2, srsly! But sometimes you find the greatest improvements in little details. Locking the metadata filter will be sòò good, how many times have I not cursed over that anomaly (at least that’s how it felt for me). Also, fròm a pic, finding in which collections it is, is such a great improvement… And I can already see me using the “order by aspect ratio” feature, as I’m a bit of a cropper 😉
I’m also quite thrilled with the export facility to high quality video. I can show of slideshows on all sorts of video sharing sites if I want, with music!
The image processing looks highly improved, but I’m afraid that the versioning of processing might add some extra work on shots you want to re-work. But hey, we’ll see that when the problem occurs.
Still missing for me: as I’m planning to start scanning my negative films soon, I’d like a metadata field for keeping track of where I’ve put the physical films. Could be as easy as a free text field which enables me to tag my films both physically with a little sticker/post-it, and use the same tag in Lightroom. I realise that Lightroom is made for digital photography, but scanning is sort-of digital, no?
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