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October 27, 2009 § 1 Comment

Lufthansa luggage check-inDay – 1: and yes we’re packing. So we thought it’d be a good idea to double check the weight limitations on our luggage. We thought about 2x23kg pp as it’s a long haul flight (like Chile and Panama). Our e-ticket didn’t show, we had to go to the Lufthansa website to discover that long haul flights are indeed 2x23kg, hurray!

Asia is not long haul

But upon further inspection, the small print, we noticed that Asia is not considered long haul. Long haul trips are trips like NY (6hours), but Kuala Lumpur (15h45m) is not within the long haul category. So I thought Lufthansa had made a mistake. This couldn’t be the case, and called the Lufthansa office this morning. After a 15 minute wait, I finally got hold of somebody who could NOT explain why Asia is not long haul, but could only confirm that the website is correct and we’re only allowed 20kg pp.

Great! Should we ditch the presents for our friends in KL? Shall we take less clothes and get them washed in hotels there? Let’s see how light we can travel. I feel a 15kg limitation coming on for myself 😉
UPDATE: According to the same with Malaysia Airlines!

Picture by Nick Piggott (Creative Commons license)


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  • Goya says:

    Maar 20 Kilogram per persoon voor een bestemming in Azië? Dat is al even weinig als voor b.light passagiers bij Brussels Airlines.
    Volgende keer moet je maar proberen een Seamans ticket te boeken, wij krijgen bij alle maatschappijen gratis omboekingen en 40 kilogram bagage in economy 😉

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