Angkor what?

November 5, 2009 Comments Off on Angkor what?

That’s the tacky name of a bar. I thought I’d steal it for a blog post.
Just got back to KL and after 7 flight safety demonstrations, I’m looking forward to a period of no flying ( the cute Asian flight attendants only make the experience slightly less painfull ).
Siem Riep is fantastic, and Angkor Vat is as impressive as they say. We saw it in the unavoidable rain (remainders of Phillipine tyfoon earlier), but also enjoyed a magical sunrise on Wednesday.
So, what else did we do? Massage, eat spicy food, temples, temples, ruins and more of the same… So I’d say 3 days is more than enough as one gets a bit templed out.
It’s a must see! And I should probably add that the vast majority of Cambodians we met were extremely friendly and witty 🙂

[Got home to our friend’s place without internet access due to move, so this is probably an expensive post with all the roaming charges!]


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