Facebook Mobile 3.1.1

January 7, 2010 Comments Off on Facebook Mobile 3.1.1

Facebook Mobile has introduced a new feature. Feature is the synchronisation of your address book with your Facebook contents. As the setup should be quite easy, I thought I’d give that synching a try. Turns out that the feature is a “feature” 😉

Address Book => Facebook Profile
IMG_0503 => IMG_0504
IMG_0505 => IMG_0506

First example: Fanny had no picture in my address book, but now has one! It’s the picture of Samuel Byrd who is apparently eating (?!) his wife Natalia Bowers.
Second example: Jorge already had a picture, which is not (luckily for him) replaced by the picture of Morten Fiskerud. But in my address book, the homepage of Jorge is set to Morten’s facebook profile.
There are plenty more examples in my address book, also of people who weren’t synched at all despite being present with same name, phone and email address on both mediums (if I can use the word medium for FB).
EPIC FAIL. And I hope they bloody well fix this one soon! Until now, I’ve been a pretty happy user of this little app.

On a side note: does anyone out there know how to make Mac understand fb:// “protocol” (i.e. make it open in Safari and create the right url?)


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