In London, despite all

January 15, 2010 Comments Off on In London, despite all

16.50: leave home, walk towards tram station
17.05: arrival at tram station, seeing a tram leave just as we arrive.
17.45: still waiting for tram 23/24 to come! Losing patience. We decide to call for a taxi.
17.55: first tram since 17.05 is there. We now wait for taxi as it’s ordered and we’re not near platform anymore
18.15: after numerous impatient calls taxi arrives
18.30: arrival at Eurostar check-in where the 18.59 train is displayed as cancelled.
18.32: we realise that Eurostar decided to display arrival times at check-in. Our 18.59 train is going.
19.10: train comes to a halt, smell of metal on metal enters the interior of train: emergency stop for train ahead it seems.
19.15: train on the move again.
20.06: arrival with 12 minutes delay at St-Pancras!


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