My intelligent other half

January 27, 2010 Comments Off on My intelligent other half

“De Slimste Mens ter Wereld” is a television quiz that in contradiction to its meaning (Smartest person on the planet) finds its candidate in a pool of well-known personalities in Flanders (with a population of 6 million). It’s quite entertaining, nonetheless I hardly ever watch it for practical linguistic reasons in this home. Apparently up to 2 million people watch it, and the supporters get very intense.
This weekend, the program had spawned a “study” in a flemish newspaper (nl). So it’s all about intelligent women unable to find a life partner/husband (the article is focusing on the heterosexuals) . Men apparently don’t want an intelligent wife. I remember this being an issue a good 20 years ago, but I’m surprised to see this is still the case. A lot of friends from university hooked up with somebody else who studied at university, hence with a certain intelligence (no guarantee, I agree…). From all my direct male colleagues, I seem to get the impression that their partner is either or both intelligent and career driven. So is my other half (I use this term loosely, as we aren’t married as such)! She reports to the CEO/VP HR of a large US company, studied history at Reading University and did a post graduate on HR. There’s more to it, she has a very facts-based memory. Dates and names… She’s very competitive when there’s a quiz on on the television. University Challenge, Mastermind, Canvas-crack (although she doesn’t always understand the question 100%)… bring it on. She’s here to beat you 😉
Has that ever scared me? To be fair, until last Saturday, when I read the newspaper, I hadn’t thought about it one single second.


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