CSS is though

February 23, 2010 Comments Off on CSS is though

[If you have no clue what this post and the acronyms are, consider yourself lucky! 😉 ] It is, CSS is though! If you only do web design once every two years, that’s just not enough to keep all the nitty gritty details of CSS in your head. And then you have to do it for a WP theme, which will not necessarily simplify things as the HTML is spread over multiple (to-be-interpreted) files. And as you add badly written widgets, things change all over again… to be fair, most of the WCMS systems suck big time when it comes to consistency.
Anyway, if the designer’s full attention went to fonts, but for the rest your info is limited, it’s not easy to match the website to the jpg. I’m struggling, and there’s a deadline (not set in stone, but nonetheless).


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