Orakel, Vilvoorde

March 5, 2010 Comments Off on Orakel, Vilvoorde

Just read in De Standaard (NL) that the mayor of Halle strongly insists that the owners of a new restaurant rename their restaurant. The issue at stake here is that the name is in French, and the mayor doesn’t like French as a language.
For the moment, Halle is not going after international companies or businesses that have a long history, but it’s just a next step, isn’t it?
Maybe our boss should start looking into renaming our Oracle into Orakel. Or better even, our neighbour Samsung could be renamed into Drie Sterren! A bit further there’s Healthcity, we could transform that into Gezondheidsstad, and in Zaventem there’s obviously Toyota which would have to be renamed to “Vruchtbare rijstvelden”.
Any other suggestions of company renaming schemes for the larger Brussels region?


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