Condé Nast: nothing is free

March 25, 2010 Comments Off on Condé Nast: nothing is free

Cerveceria Ciudad Condal

Hi Mike,

I came across a great picture you have of Cerveceria Ciudad Condal in Barcelona. I work for Conde Nast traveller magazine and we are looking to launch a travel guide to Barcelona as an iphone application.
would it be possible for us to include this photo? We would of course credit you as the photographer. We have included many pictures from other members of Flickr.
Please let as know as soon as possible.

Kindest regards,

Mxxx Rxxxx
Conde Nast UK


if you follow the rules and my copyright statement (Creative Common License, non-commercial), then there should be no problem.
If you intend to commercialise, then you’ll have to contact me as Flickr rules don’t allow me to sell rights via this medium.

Mike Reys

Hi Mike,

We will be using it within a commercial app but the picture itself will not be for commercial reasons. It is simply one to represent a category.

Is that ok?



I’m not after money, but I’m also not after the death of a good profession in which a lot of hard working people put their heart and soul to earn a living.
For a company that has the most stringent User Policy and that claims that everything on their site is copyrighted, I think coming forward not expecting to contribute anything is rather odd, not to say cheap’ndirty.
Tip: to non-professionals you could offer to contribute to an international aid organisation (e.g. Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières,…) to provide help with disasters worldwide.


I mean, seriously, how dare they expect to build a commercial app with attractive content without the intent to contribute for the attractive content?!?

I really write these sort of e-mails in a rush, so not really my best English.


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