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April 8, 2010 Comments Off on Flash vs HTML5

Every Wednesday, Café Numérique tries to enlighten its visitors about numerous subjects related to bits and bytes. Everything digital, or “numérique” as puritan french speakers call it. Yesterday they decided to not only let people present their stuff, but turn it into a little competition. Speakers from Adobe defending Flash technology, and the HTML5 people in full frontal attack.
Strengthened by, amongst others, the recent release of a MS Paint clone and a Quake WAD completely written in HTML5, there was a big “Yes we can” feel. And to continue the attack, soon the words open, accessible were all over the screens. Fair point, and strategically well chosen was to show the weaknesses: availability of HTML5 browsers and the lack of speed of consortiums (who decide upon standards).
The Flash boys clearly were in the defense and were showing off benchmarks (not always a great success!) and their market presence. One story line that was present in both presentations on Flash was the fact that Flash is not only about the Flash player plugin in your browser anymore.

Is one better than the other? I couldn’t care less to be fair! They both do what they do. What interests me is to see how things evolve in the near and distant future. As I see the presence of Flash (in the browser, as we’re comparing it to HTML5) mainly relying on ads, video (do not underestimate the importance of pr0n as an engine driving the internet) and games, I think there’s a possibility that HTML5 takes over as main technology for these, and that is imho the reason why Adobe is focusing more and more on flash out of the browser! Flash in the browser will rely on new needs that cannot be solved natively by that HTML5-ready browser. And thàt is not looking good at the moment for Adobe, cause I don’t see many. What’s more, the lack of speed to reach a conclusion on the HTML5 standard ànd the willingness of the browser developers to include new things, might give HTML an edge in the sense that the standard càn still evolve, no?

Conclusion: yesterday was entertaining, somewhat irrelevant and a great opportunity for Adobe as they get their 3rd speaker in only a couple of months at Café Numérique 😉
And some more Adobe niceness: a flash-based show of some pictures (all of them edited in Lightroom and/or Photoschop CS4).

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