Regional Software pricing

April 13, 2010 Comments Off on Regional Software pricing

Real-life exchange rate 1.36 0.88 1 1.54 1.36
  $ £ 1£ buys $ 1€ buys $
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium * 199.9 149.99 199.99 1.33 1
Apple Aperture Upgrade 99 67.23 81.82 1.47 1.21
Photoshop CS5 Upgrade (ex VAT) 199 159 199 1.25 1
Photoshop CS5 Full (ex VAT) 699 548 689 1.28 1.01

* I think these prices are VAT included, so the numbers might not be 100% accurate, anybody who can get me the correct VAT-less prices gets my eternal gratitude.
The two columns right are the calculated ones 😉

So now we can stop whining that Adobe is ripping everybody off with their pricing and that US prices don’t equal European prices. No software company equalises these prices if they have representation in Europe. There’s always some calculation to do which includes the cost of workforce for support and sales on one hand and resellers margins on the other.
From above table, one could deduct that Adobe is ripping us of a bit more than Apple for example, butthere’s no way to compare company A with company B. Important factors are the amount of people employed in Europe (employment in Europe
is much more expensive than in US), but also the time and date that company sets the exchange rate. That exchange rate is not something you change every day, and guess what: companies do set some margin for fluctuation!


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