Irving Penn, Venetia Dearden and Format photography

May 13, 2010 Comments Off on Irving Penn, Venetia Dearden and Format photography

Copyright Venetia DeardenToday, whilst the misses had her hair done and went to banks (booooring), I took advantage of my belgian bank holiday to visit the National Portrait Gallery. There were a couple of things I wanted to visit there. Venetia Dearden’s (picture left from her) exhibition was a refreshing look at the Glastonbury festival. Portraits of artists (Leonard Cohen, Dame Shirley Bassey, Duffy,…) and visitors in a very white, clean environment (contrary to the mud pool the Glastonbury festival can be.
Next was the Irving Penn display. A very complete overview of his celebrity portrait work. From Edith Piaf, via Duke Ellington to Gael Garcia Bernal. The photos were all relatively small, but it was either thàt or less photos in the exhibition. So all in all, a good decision imho.

Venetia Dearden was free, the Irving Penn exhibition was £10. Now listen: if you go to a free exhibition, but there’s a little box at the exit for voluntary contributions, you should really consider it. Look at what’s in your pocket, how much you could miss, guess how much you would normally pay for such an exhibit, and go for it. Today I also saw a small display about the Format Photography Agency, an all-women agency. That was partly sponsored by the contributions given by the visitors of the Annie Leibovitz. So I feel personally proud that I did my part…


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