iOS 4: miss and hit

June 8, 2010 Comments Off on iOS 4: miss and hit

  • Multitasking: i always thought this was a requirement, but to be fair, I don’t miss it that much on a smartphone.
  • Folders: hmm… will have to see what the advantage over the current way of working with screens is
  • Improved Mail:multiple mail accounts in a single inbox, open attachments in 3rd party apps.
    I had hoped to get functionality like: mark as unread, mark as flagged. I get a lot of mail I read whilst on the move, but can’t handle immediately. Mark as flagged is a MUST for me
  • iBooks – browse, buy, and read eBooks. I’ve done that already via synching Dropbox with my computer
  • Create iPod playlists : about time!
  • 5x Digital Zoom : that’s basically cropping upfront, but I could already do that afterwards in apps, and probably more accurately as well
  • Tap to Focus Video – video will refocus to whatever you tap on screen, cool!
  • Faces & Places in Photos: I’d solved that via Smart Albums, but live in the phone is better
  • Home Screen Wallpaper : nice, but irrelevant for a smartphone, not?
  • Gift Apps – send apps as gifts to others. Still doesn’t solve the problem when wanting to donate apps or songs to godchilderen in UK who are on another store!
  • Spell Checking: nice if you only type in one language. Would like to see how easy it is to change the spellchecker between dutch, french and english
  • Wireless Keyboard Support: pffff…

The new hardware is a HIT btw. Could have done without the gyroscope, but hey… some people do play games, not? The screen seems magnificent, and the extended battery time is also a good idea. I’m pretty happy with my current 3Gs, and will probably make the switch to the new phone when moving to the UK when I get it via O2. Extra camera, plus HD cam on the back? That seems quite cool. And there’s a LED to illuminate scenes in the dark.

If only Apple spent the same amount of time in improving the software as the hardware, they’d be miles ahead of everyone.


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