9 in Bourges

July 16, 2010 Comments Off on 9 in Bourges

Cathédral Bourges
Karen and I celebrated our 9th anniversary in Bourges yesterday. Why yesterday? Why Bourges?
Well, we got together on Bastille day in 2001, but as we would be spending 14/07 in the office and the car on the way to Bourges, we thought we’d enjoy it more on 15/07. So we basically pretended yesterday that it was Bastille day (which the French thought was odd) and went to Le Béarnais in Bourges for a fine dinner.
And Bourges? That’s simple! We’re on our way to see our friends Sue and Paul who have a little house in Cordes-sur-Ciel where we’ll be staying for the weekend. It’s part of our own little Tour de France!

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