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July 31, 2010 § 2 Comments

Leela James @ M-idzomerThose who follow my Flickr stream may have noticed that I’ve been shooting more and more concerts. Reason for this is as simple as can be. My photography gets better when I shoot about my passion… and that passion is Jazz! So I’ve been practicing in the more and less obscure pubs in Brussels to enjoy both my love for the camera and the music. So I built up a little portfolio which allowed me to go and shoot Brossella Folk and Jazz (two very intertwined genres at times, some groups on Saturday could’ve easily played on Sunday and vice versa).
This week I saw @Boskabout announcing that the 3000 collective from Leuven was still looking for photographers to do some shoots for them at M-idzomer festival. Although not exactly jazz, I thought that this was an ideal opportunity to
have some practice on concert shoots.

Yesterday turned out to present some new challenges. Minor challenges, but challenges anyhow! Biggest challenge was rotating spot lights. In your average jazz concert, the lights are relatively static, the dynamics come from turning on and off the lights. So with the rotating spot lights (back light, quit often!), you never know exactly when it will all of a sudden shine directly in your lens, which is annoying if you think you just got that great facial expression of the artist. You might have it, but with some massive flare added to it… nice! 😉 If you add to that, a singer who constantly moves left right and centre, in and out of the spotlights… more challenging than your average jazz concert.
Anyway, there was no limit on the timing, which left me with some time to experiment. It just shows, one never stops learning new stuff!


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  • Darkman says:

    Glad you liked it. And the challenges you mention are exactly what makes concert photography outdoors difficult. Indoors the low light only gets more extreme.

    • Mikey says:

      I think I’ve done low light in the clubs in Bxl, believe me 😉 Sounds Jazz Club is one of the lowest you can get. But the rotating, colour changing lights in the back with Leela James (typical Soul) were the ones catching you off guard!

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