Karen's knee

September 14, 2010 Comments Off on Karen's knee

It’s been a while since I wrote about Karen’s knee and how that doctor was a prick, showed no interest and told her to take heavier anti-inflammatories despite every sign that these things didn’t solve anything in the long term.
Yesterday, she went to see another doctor who told her that with the current information it was difficult to make a definitive diagnosis. Fine! So he scheduled an MRI… He also had a look at the CD with X-rays that Karen had brought with her. These were ordered by her GP back in June. Although these were from before everything went seriously pear shaped, it might be of interest to him. When he had a look, he noticed that the pictures of her knee were not on there, only the shots from her hip (also ordered at the time).
So when Karen got home, I had a look on that CD and indeed… only X-rays of hips! This basically means that neither her GP nor the specialist back in July have seen X-rays from her knees. Nonetheless they said that based upon those images nothing was wrong with her knees!
I’m really considering writing a nasty letter to both doctors! This is not acceptable, is it?


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