Verdict on Karen's knee

October 5, 2010 Comments Off on Verdict on Karen's knee

After the “refusal to examine” at St-Elisabeth hospital, Karen got more luck with Dr. Jekeler in Anderlecht (Clinique Ste-Anne St-Remi). He ordered an X-ray ànd MRI. Because although previous doctors claimed to have looked at the previous x-rays of knee and hip, the images of her knees were not present on the CD!
As hardline as the previous “doctor” was to say that nothing could be wrong with her knee besides the arthritis, that’s how open Dr Jekeler was to investigate every possibility. And behold: besides the arthritis (which is not in such a bad shape as to start thinking about knee replacement), there are 3 things wrong with her knee!
Karen is getting surgery tomorrow morning to get the first thing resolved: the meniscus that was torn. The tearing of the meniscus probably happened last day of last year when we went up the mountains for a little ski!
After our main holidays (end October – half November), she’ll get the patella and bone damage fixed (which will be more serious surgery than tomorrow’s). Although she’s not looking forward to surgery (would you?), she’s happy that we can start looking at the end of this disastrous year with her knee…


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