Kings Canyon

November 2, 2010 Comments Off on Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon is yet another wonder of nature. My discovery started at 5 o’clock (one too many early starts) with a 500 step climb in the dark. When I say step, i don’t mean nicely arranged steps, so being awake was high on the list of necessary req’s. Other requirement we’re a good set of lungs, good night sight, good knees…
By the time we got to the top, we were rewarded with excellent views of the surrounding landscape bathing in early morning sunrise light. Red desert, low sun and erosion galore provided us with one of the most spectacular landscapes on this planet.
I’ll upload some pictures shortly (I keep promising, tethering and all…). If you can’t wait though, go rent Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Most amusing film from 1992-1993 (wild guess)… the musical now in London, unfortunately, does not provide the landscape 😉

As good knees were necessary for this walk, Karen went on an alternative walk along the creek down in the canyon. Fortunately for her, this walk started around 8h30! Thus we had two sets of pictures and stories to keep each other entertained on the long drive to Alice Springs.
Alice Springs, if you must know, is a bit of a shit hole. The Indian/Thai restaurant Hanuman (at Crowne Plaza) on the other hand, was a little gem well hidden, and which we searched for in our trustworthy Lonely Planet.


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