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Embedding a city trip in a longer holiday: top plan! And what a lovely city this is!
The city centre with its grid system and charming little lanes is easy to get by, distances are relatively short, and there’s a very good public transport with 1 free tram around the city centre.
We arrived on the night of the Melbourne Cup, the 150th edition! The streets, bars and restaurants were jam packed with men in suits and woman in skimpy dresses, high heels and hats. All trying very hard to keep pretending the drank less than they actually have! #FAIL
In Melbourne, we visited the St. Kilda beach and Fitzroy area. Brunswick street is a mix of Brick Lane and Notting Hill with an amalgamate of eccentric looking people to the most ordinary looking people, restaurants with vegetarian options (a warm welcome after the humongous portions of meat in the outback and Qld), book shops and a whole load of other shops that fit the adjective vintage.
We’ve experienced the four seasons in one day, a pity that most of our tour of The Great Ocean Road was wet though… The Great Ocean Road is like a combination of the California coast roa and Étretat, I was glad the sun finally came out for our viewing of London Bridge and The Twelve Apostles.
I also seized the opportunity to get in touch with an old friend from VUB who lives in Melbourne now.


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