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November 15, 2010 Comments Off on Facebook lists

I categorise my friends, I thoroughly categorise my friends on facebook. I started doing this cause I realised that some of the things I post there are not meant for everybody.
I have lists for everything, people I’ve met in real life: IRL. Obviously there’s also a NIRL list. There’s lists for ex-colleagues, people living abroad, people from university,…. So when I post something on FB, I use the privacy option to make sure I reach the right people. As one or two people I know are gay, I could not forget about them so I assigned a list. For example when I share a link about Pink Screens festival, I target that list and not my ex-colleagues (unless they’re gay).

For some reason, boredom I guess, I started editing the lists this morning and I saw that facebook started making suggestions… I must say that for my VUB list, this worked really well! Facebook started making suggestions for my IRL list as well. How facebook could know whether I’ve seen these people in real life is a mystery (and they were often wrong, I must add). Facebook also started suggesting people to put in my Gay list. And even though facebook does have quite a bit of information that could suggest people are or aren’t gay, fact is that they did a pretty lousy job on this. I see that my tweet about this issue caused some confusion this morning. My apologies to the ones I confused. (must make a facebook list for them!)


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