The Snow Conspiracy

December 2, 2010 Comments Off on The Snow Conspiracy

Dutch sheepI just read a most interesting article in The Times by Mark Vanhoenacker (a US citizen from New England) who writes about how Britain falls apart at the first snowflake.

It’s not just Britain, Belgium’s equally suffering from a 2cm snow cover. And just like Mark cheekily suggests, I also believe that there’s some organised conspiracy on a level that goes far well beyond the national borders but covers most of Western Central Europe. We blatantly refuse to prepare!
In his article, he describes the intrepid explorers of the UK (Hudson, Frobisher, Shackleton,…) and compares that to the inability of the nation to cope with a little snow. It’s equally bad on this side of the water. How can a country like Belgium, with the renowned explorer Adrien de Gerlache , who led the first expedition to the Antarctic, be so incompetent in dealing with winter?
His argument to the conspiracy:

I’m beginning to suspect that the lack of preparedness is entirely intentional: a vast conspiracy to make sure that no one has to go to work or school when a short-lived and deeply loved winter wonderland descends.

… Though loads of people seem to own sledges, you hardly ever see anyone who owns a snow shovel. We are getting on through another winter, just the way we did it last year and the year before: unprepared.


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