Humour, shock… not funny!

December 30, 2010 Comments Off on Humour, shock… not funny!

Can I just say that I love Frankie Boyle (didn’t link to his own web site, as that site is even more shite than his life). Ever since I saw him on Mock the Week, I appreciated him as a comedian from the sort that always explores the boundaries.
Earlier this month, he cracked a joke about Katie Price and Peter Andre about who gets custody over their child.

Eventually one of them will lose and have to keep him

If this was a naughty kid causing all sort of trouble (Gilmour is a name that all of a sudden crosses my mind…), this would be really funny. With the kid being autistic and suffering from septo-optic dysplasia, this all of a sudden becomes a lot less funny. But hey, he pushes boundaries, doesn’t he? Yeah, although he’s pushing it a bit hard with this one. Usually when he pushes boundaries, I get one of these “Should I laugh or is this inappropriate?” moments. All I felt here was: “Hmmm…. inappropriate!”. Hey, but when you push boundaries, you’re bound to cross them here and there (and not necessarily for all). Colouring doesn’t always happen within the lines.
And then Frankie went on… this was not pushing boundaries anymore. This was like a long jump where the previous joke was the run up to the boundary from where he’d try and set a record on going over the boundaries. This was not funny anymore… And the problem is, that I’ll never look at Frankie anymore the way I looked at him before… It’s like I feel he’ll never return to the good side of the humour boundaries ever again. I just stopped loving Frankie Boyle.
Have a look for yourself and judge for yourself:


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