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January 13, 2011 Comments Off on Service Desk

ShoppingMuch ado about service desks lately in the lowlands. After a famous Dutch comedian had a go at their inefficiencies and multiple consumer programs did investigations, it was time for a bunch of Belgian comedians to take revenge on a certain mobile operator by dropping a container on their premises and having them call the container company to have it removed.
Today I’ve called International Card Services to cancel my Mastercard. Not that I’m unhappy with it, but I already have 2 other credit cards and I don’t plan to stay much longer in Belgium.
So I call and get a friendly young lady on the phone (quite swiftly I must say!), to whom I explained my situation. So her next step was to ask me for my account details, security questions, address.
At that point in time, I thought that my cancellation almost happened. I was almost impressed, but then she continued.

Can you write a letter with all of the aforementioned details to us, so that we can cancel your card? Now, what the heck?!!! Why did we have to go through that whole procedure if she could have just said: “send a letter with your details to cancel, that will do”.

Service desks and efficiency, only in your wildest dreams!


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