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Just read this on the wall of an Egyptian friend, whose name I won’t mention as it’s irrelevant.

For all those who are asking the people in Tahrir Sq to leave I would just like to say do not judge them or attack them before you understand what they stand for
they stand for freedom and dignity
I was in tahrir sq a couple of times and I saw the people there are from all walks of life and they are gathered for the purpose of freedom.
I saw muslim brotherhood members having political discussions with Christians and AUCians and GUCians sharing bread with taxi drivers and carpenters.
I saw people chanting as if they are in a football match, I saw housewives protesting the cost of living, I saw clergy from Azhar preaching freedom to the people.
I saw communists sharing ideas with liberals.
the sentiment in tahrir sq is unbelievable, people having political discussions and real debates something which I have never seen in Egypt and people were trying to find a middle ground to agree on.
before you judge go to tahrir sw and listen to what these people are saying. it is not a matter of giving hosny 6 month or 6 years.

Some seem to be able to get on the internet… Whether this one voice out of 80 million is representative is another question, but we live in hope that things get solved as peacefully as possible.


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