Bad loser

March 8, 2011 Comments Off on Bad loser

With this post I risk being spat out as a bad loser, which I just might be.
So I entered this photo competition with Aussie Tours, the company that arranged our Australia trip. But verifying who won the competition all of a sudden made me curious at first, suspicious after a while…
Yesterday evening, I thought I’d have a look if there were any winners as I hadn’t heard anything via email. And there it was, a shot of the winners with their respective photographs in their hand.

My first thoughts with that picture were: “I know that 2nd guy from the left, it’s Lieven Coudenys!”. Lieven is a former classmate from Bruges. Then I read the names of the winners and no Lieven to be found. So then I got curious. What does Lieven look like nowadays? Has he changed that much?
So I went to his Facebook Fan page and looked up a recent picture of Lieven. The quality of the first pic isn’t that great (fairly unsharp), but I still thought there’s a resemblence.
Next thought was that Mark Saeys might be a Lieven look-a-like. I mean, these things happen. Around the age of 18 we found a look-a-like of mine in the Netherlands, never got to know his name though… But back to Mark, who clearly won the Aussietours competition:

(his FB wall and employer TechData is public info, unfortunately no photos!)
But LinkedIn comes to the rescue. Mark Saeys has a LinkedIn profile with a public picture:

I see where one could doubt whether the picture with the winners of the competition has Lieven Coudenys in it, but do you really think that potentially Mark Saeys is in that first one? I’m probably still a bad loser, but do you agree at least that there is reason to be suspicious?

UPDATE: “photo of winner”s should be “photo of winning photographs and jury”
Lieven was a jury member… and I’m a bad loser.
UPATE II: original “photo of winner” was just removed from Aussietours website… so link above became somewhat irrelevant.


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