First two weeks on the new job

July 28, 2011 Comments Off on First two weeks on the new job

If I’d be given one word to describe the first two weeks, it’s be HECTIC. If I’d be given two words, I’d doubt between HECTIC HECTIC and VERY HECTIC.
I’m not in a big writing mood as I’m sitting on the train back from Norwich to London Liverpool Street Station, so I’ll prompt some of the highlights as well as some of the lesser experiences worth mentioning.

  • First week was sales training in Las Vegas. I don’t like Vegas, it’s like Disneyworld for adults… only I don’t enjoy the gambling and couldn’t do the hookers as I’m properly engaged now ;-).
    Training was from 7am (group breakfast) untill finishing homework which usually was well after 9pm. So even if I’d enjoy what you do in Vegas, I wouldn’t have had the time
  • One good thing about Vegas is the golf!!! I know it’s obscene to have lush green golf courses in the middle of the desert, then again so are all the lights on all night long. And the golf is great, as the Americans do… golf carts, the whole lot all organised in detail
  • Getting back to London was just for a couple of hours, just enough to wash my clothes and have them dried. Sunday lunch with fiancée in Bxl, only to leave for Paris immediately. (If you haven’t understood where HECTIC comes from yet, think again!)
  • After a narrow escape from the bathroom (faulty lock on door) I started my second Monday on the job: admin and training in Suresnes office. This seemed a bit like a hit and run as at 16h, we were on our way to Milan for a PoV where I’d be shadowing my boss and our Italian partner
  • Three days in Milan, good food, fairly easy task at our customer. Delayed flights and interesting taxi rides from Orly to Suresnes where…
  • … I continued my Friday in Paris with some more training: very interesting stuff and I hope I’ll be able to show some of that on the blog
  • Friday night: back to Bxl where Le 830 (around the corner from us) seemed closed and we went for a good Italian restaurant. Quite a risk after my week in Milan 😉

Started this post on Tuesday only to find my battery was to give up on me. So finished it today, Thursday evening!


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