Apple, the end?

September 18, 2011 Comments Off on Apple, the end?

I’m just hoping that it’s sort of the end of my Apple Store issues. (no I wasn’t predicting the end of the appliance maker). I will of course file a complaint about the fact that Apple wants to prevent me taking software to another country.
Apart from that, it’s still not possible to re-purchase software when you move to a new country. But for some odd reason, I can now update apps bought in the Belgian store even though my account is linked to the UK store. Last week, I could only do that on the phone itself. But I’ve just seen an update for dropbox in my iTunes on the Mac. So this could indicate that the update problems are finished and despite Apple not allowing me to take my software (and linked to that: my updates) to another store, I can technically do it again.

All is well that ends well?


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