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October 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

Like I mentioned before, loads to talk about, not making time. Now I have time on my hands (travelling from Bxl to Paris) and I don’t know where to start.
Lots of changes in my life.

  • I live in a new city. London is a cool place to live.
  • I don’t have a car anymore, I do everything by bike (did I mention I luuurve my Brompton?) and/or public transport. I quite enjoy this change. The stress levels are different. There’s the obvious “I can’t be late for that train”, or the casual “Poor service on the Jubilee line”. But in general, it’s a lot better in terms of stress.
  • I have a new job, the company is under 200 employees worldwide (I think), there’s just two of us in the UK. Coming from Oracle with 100000 employees worldwide and over 300 in Belgium alone… a big change. The software we’re selling is not overly complex, it’s actually very easy to use, unfortunately the people our sales guys are selling to are people who pose questions where the answers don’t come naturally to me. So the sales guy feels very uncomfortable going out with me on sales calls, despite him being present on the initial interview. Hopefully, we can change this soon as we’ve re-aligned the training around these questions. But anyway, we made our first money in our first quarter, hopefully we’ll make more in the next months!<
    As the company is french originally, I speak more french than ever. What are the odds? You move to the UK from Brussels and you end up speaking more french 😉
  • I play golf! In Belgium, though less than 15 years ago, this is a bit of a privileged sport to play as quite a bit of money is involved. In England, this isn’t the case at all. I’ve been going to the driving range and taking classes with Raffaele and I’m thoroughly enjoying it! I always thought I would as by the end of my swimming career I enjoyed the technical aspects of if more and more. Golf is almost nothing but technique. It’s wonderful, it’s not about who’s got the biggest muscles or is the fastest, highest or any combination of those. Well… sort of. Obviously it is about getting the ball down the course way, close to the green. But the way you do this is sooooo different. Any attempt to try too hard via power will be punished severely by your ball ending up in a bunker, water, the rough or in the worst case: 20 yards from where you’ve hit it 😉

More updates to follow. My writing was brutally interrupted by the people bringing around alcohol and food on the Thalys so I didn’t get as much time as expected to write this.


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