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The Wikipedia page for Irish-French referee Alain Rolland got edited a number of times today. His highly debated red card was debated by every single person watching the rugby. And then there’s somebody who probably didn’t see the match editing the entry:

(“controversially” is POV. Besides, every red card in every sport is always controversial to some extent, and it’s rather annoying that a ref cannot show a red card in any game or any sport without fans going mad on Wikipedia)

Nonetheless, and I’m not Welsh, this red card was highly controversial. Here’s why:
The referee didn’t consult with neither line referees, nor video referee for in-field decision, referees can’t use video. Decisions that highly influence the match, like deciding whether a try near the side line was valid or not, are not taken by the main referee alone. He usually consults the other referees, and this usually involves the video referee.
In this case, the referee saw a dangerous tackle (this was indeed the case), didn’t consult anyone and decided that the welsh captain had to be sent off, giving the french team a huge advantage for the remaining 62 minutes of the game!
If you add into the mix that the referee’s father is french and the fact that he himself is Irish (who lost against Wales just last week), then I think in this case the word “controversially” is not necessarily a point of view, but a shared opinion of many people worldwide.

I’m not involved in Wikipedia at all, but user Jeppiz basically edited things because he got annoyed, rather than because he got properly informed. Is that how Wikipedia works nowadays?


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