Places I visited and to-do list…

January 6, 2012 Comments Off on Places I visited and to-do list…

Just like some other people (NL), I’ll share with you which places in the list of of places to visit in the world I’ve actually been to.

  1. Taj Mahal in Agra, India
  2. Piramids of Gizah in Egypte.
  3. Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
  4. Ankor What, Cambodja.
  5. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
  6. Altiplano, Bolivia/Chile
  7. Aya Sofia, Turkey
  8. Venice, Italy
  9. Vatican City, Italy
  10. Coliseum, Rome
  11. Sixtine Chapel, Rome
  12. Acropolis, Parthenon, Greece
  13. Houses of Parliament, England
  14. Wat Phra Kao, Bankok, Thailand
  15. Eiffel Tower, Paris
  16. Louvre, Paris
  17. Uluru, Ayers Rock, Australia
  18. Statue of Liberty, NY, USA
  19. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain
  20. Sequioas, California, USA
  21. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  22. Sydney Opera House, Australia
  23. Djemaa El Fnaa, Morroco
  24. Golden Gate, SF, California
  25. Hermitage, Saint Petersburg, Russia</li>
  26. Petronas Towers, KL, Malaysia

Mont Saint-Michel -> Not done the one in France. But the monks left France for a much nicer area, Cornwall. There they built Saint Michaels Mount, let’s call it a v2.0. Well improved. Very pretty and much less touristic. So I’d add that to the list…

Most of the things listed above are indeed stunningly beautiful (my top favourites in bold), but it makes you wonder on what basis some other things were left out. Table Mountain is just one of them that is so remarkable and was even voted into the numerous world wonders, but didn’t make it in this list. And then there’s Las Vegas. How did that shit hole make it into the top 100 things to visit? Seriously!?!?
So for what it’s worth, I’ve done 26 out of the 100. Not bad to start with…

On the to-do list: all the rest, I suppose! Tanzania, New Zealand and Brasil up high on the list.


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