Apple: wish list.

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  • Preferred networks on my iPhone
    With services like The Cloud and BTFON being omnipresent throughout London, I often connect to one of these services. I also connect to a number of networks like home, office, or my friends’ networks. Currently it seems like my iPhone will re-connect to the last network it was connected to. So if I come home, where BTFON is present, instead of connecting to my home network, my phone often reconnects to BTFON.
    Just like on my full blown Mac, I’d really think that a property list with network preference order and a small interface for that, isn’t too much asked now, is it?
    I have looked at options for this, oh yes I have, but Auto-Join is an option that I can switch off for some networks, but not for others. I have no idea what that is based upon. BTFON networks don’t have the auto-join option on the iPhone, for example.
  • Better management of music locations in iTunes. iTunes, currently at 10.5.3 is still made to either manage the location of your musicmedi manually in the places of your choice or automatically in one location.
    As films and television programmes are also part of the iTunes library now, the size of the library can become really large for a laptop. Some of my stuff, especially my films, would need to go on a NAS. And I’m not saying this is not possible with iTunes, it is, but the management of it all is quite cumbersome. (Consolidating your iTunes library, for example, leaves you with a shedload of duplicate files on your filesystem)
    People have come up with all sorts of solutions, like making links (ln -s) to the NAS in your music library, but it’s far from ideal. The best solution I’ve found for the time being is TuneSpan. It’s still in beta, but works pretty well. If it could come with some decent documentation, I bet that more people would start using it. Downside is that it’s Mac only… But really, Apple should come up with a module in iTunes to manage locations through an easy interface. Foolproof, like some of the other products.
  • Power adaptors for the MacBooks. All MacBooks have the power adaptors, I thought. That was until I went on holiday with our Air, and found out it wasn’t recharging anymore halfway the holiday. I thought something was broken, only to go to an Apple reseller to find out I was recharching it with my Pro adaptor.
    Problem here is that the piece going into the computer is the same for all, but the part near the plug isn’t (subtle difference in size, wattage).
    Now, most other tools in the Apple family are pretty foolproof. If it’s not supposed to fit, it won’t. But not for the power adaptors, clearly!
    I don’t know, give them different colours, make them not fit, I don’t care how this is solved, but if it’s not supposed to be done… make it clear!
  • iPhone settings profiles (as available on many cheap phones). Currently, there are two settings: sound on/sound off. But with so many individual settings, let alone the options for notifications, I would like to see many more profile options. I’d set up a number of profiles:
    • Public Transport
    • Abroad (no data)
    • Abroad (little data: i.e. only emails)
    • Notifications off
  • Moving files across volumes in Mac OS X, is that sorted yet??? I stopped relying on it and started using the command line for that, like I’ve always done when using linux. It’s not bothering me too much, but honestly? A company like Apple should have never experienced this issue before.

Do you have things to add to the wish list? Feel free to add in the comments…


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