Philips Fidelio DS8800W/10

February 29, 2012 Comments Off on Philips Fidelio DS8800W/10

Dear John Lewis,

I’m bringing back my Philips Fidelio after numerous tries to get this product to work.

1. Product is not compatible with iPhone 4S (!).
2. Product interrupts Airplay at least once an hour.
3. Product “disappears” from the network twice a week in the middle of playing music.

Listening to music getting interrupted frequently is a dreadful experience, and one might expect better experience from a device this price.

Before judging too harshly, I undertook a number of steps to try and get this sorted:

I tried researching the website of Philips, which is where I found out that the product is not compatible with my iPhone 4S.
I tried to register my product to engage with Philips support. Philips website has been made incompatible with Apple computers, which is very odd knowing they are targeting the Apple customers. I managed to have a chat with an engineer who promised to register my product, but finally didn’t do this.
It is impossible to find firmware updates (should that be the problem I’m experiencing).

On my side, I have tried to stabilise my Wifi network (occasionally there was interference with the neighbours it seems), and although it made the interruptions go from every 10 minutes to once every 40 minutes, this wasn’t enough to get an agreeable experience.
To avoid the computer being the culprit, I am lucky enough to possess two Macs (one Macbook Pro and one Air), I tried both and I even went through the ordeal of re-installing the OS from scratch without additional software in order to prevent any possible interference. Unfortunately, even that didn’t lead to a better experience.

This only leads me to one conclusion, and that is that this product does not do what it promises on the box.

I know John Lewis prides itself on never having undersold knowingly, and I’m sure that at the time I purchased this, you probably had no idea. Now that you know this product does not do what it says on the box, it should not be sold any longer. The fact that Philips cannot be reached to get support, is what made me decide not to try a second one, but I’d rather go for another brand.

Best Regards,

Mike Reys

The people in John Lewis didn’t have too many questions about returning the product, understood why I didn’t want to try a second one (it wasn’t going to make the Philips support any better), and suggested to have a look at the other brands.
The gentleman with a broad West-Indies/East London accent was very keen to suggest the Bowers & Wilkins, with a bit of an extra uplift in price, but personally I’m considering Bose (Bluetooth technology and with rechargeable batteries) or the Pioneer (with integrated internet radio, Airplay and docking station).


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