How am I doing?

March 19, 2012 § 1 Comment

Fairly well, thank you for asking.

I haven’t felt this good since a long while. Not that I feel ecstatic or so, but I’ve been on such a low for such a long time that any improvement feels good. I’ve had a number of people asking how I was, and although I didn’t really feel like going over our ordeals, I had to explain. So for those in the know, skip next section…
For the others: Karen had to be admitted to hospital on the day I found my new job in London. All in all a relatively harmless but very painful disease in the intestines. I moved to London in July while she was still serving her notice. During that period, she went for her last mammogram in Brussels and that turned out not to be such good news. The cancer and pre-cancerous tissue were removed during two surgeries in August. That was followed in September and October with radiotherapy (luckily nothing in the glands, which meant no chemo!). Side effect of the radiotherapy was that her arthritis became very aggressive, leaving her hip bone-on-bone! On top of that, she can’t stretch her left leg anymore. So in January, she had a new titanium hip.
Insurance issues meant that she officially still lives in Belgium to receive treatment there. No way she could get private insurance with a pre-condition in the UK.
In November, I lost my job. A bit of a sad event, but a relief as I had personally started looking out for something else. I clearly wasn’t the right person at the right time. At least we shared that sentiment. I got an offer from a manger at Oracle, but they failed to hire me as the rules for re-hire interfered with my move to UK. The people in the US were convinced that I should survive in London on a Belgian gross salary (without the car, vouchers, rep costs, social security at 35% employer side,…), so they translated my Belgian gross salary into $ and then back into £. Silly Americans! As IF! (FYI: that was a salary decrease of well over 20% over previous job)

So here we are. I received a job offer last week to start on April 15th. Karen’s hip is really good. Only thing to get sorted now is her knees. If all goes well, she should have a new knee and be able to do a little dance before the start of the Olympics.
We’re looking forward to that! Maybe we can start planning again on getting married (yes, we’re still engaged).


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