Doing well

July 18, 2012 Comments Off on Doing well

Quick note to follow up on previous post How am I doing? 

Karen has her new knee. She seems to be able to walk decent distances nowadays. Her recovery was stalled mainly due to an infection (as large as an egg) right where she sits…hmmm. Not just a tiny bit inconvenient, because whereas walking was difficult after the hip replacement, this time sitting was something she had to practice!

Anyway, that’s done. She had another mammogram. Nothing to be seen there, which was a huge relief. So Karen is back in UK and hopefully that is permanent now!

I’m now 3 months into my new job and loving it. In two to three months, I’ll be working for a new company again. Only this time, it’ll not be down to me making a move, but rather down to Dell making strategic acquisitions by moving into the enterprise software industry. From what I can see at this point in time, Dell & Quest Software seem like a perfect match as there will be very little overlap and we will complement strongly some of Dell’s previous acquisitions. And face it, the industry can use another bigger player to compete with HP, IBM and Oracle.


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