Apple Time Machine Scheduler

August 22, 2012 Comments Off on Apple Time Machine Scheduler

Time Machine Scheduler for Mac, there are a bunch of apps out there for that claim to take care of that. Nonetheless, there’s none out there that either did the job or either had the interface I wanted. After giving it a bit more thought, all I wanted was to switch Apple’s backup mechanism on and off at certain moments of the day.
So if the job is simple, keep the solution simple: MacOS X is a Unix OS so crontab to the rescue!
In a terminal window:
sudo crontab -e

This should get you into vi where you type i (for insert) and then copy:

0 0,10 * * * defaults write /Library/Preferences/ AutoBackup -bool true
0 7,17 * * * defaults write /Library/Preferences/ AutoBackup -bool false

Then type: <esc> : x <return>

As a reminder, the syntax for crontab:

Minute Hour Day of Month Month Day of Week Command

Above code should enable the backup at midnight and at 10am (when I’m either sleeping or in the office), and disable it at 7am and 5pm when I often am home.


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