Mike Reys in a nutshell

  • Passions:
    Photography, Swimming, Jazz, Golf, Mac, Krispy Kreme
  • So what about the “plαdys” title of the blog?: it was my nickname assigned by a fellow irc bird on #brugge. I used to be on the chat all day. I first started IRC back in ’93 at university. We were all working on the little Mac’s, but our connections were made from a unix box we connected to through a terminal. The α was chosen by me to make it a bit more unique in these days of SEO, and also to avoid people to find me while searching information on fish.
  • 10: I have always been a very yes-no, right-wrong, left-right type of guy. It helped me to create order in my world. People who didn’t fit in that pattern were just difficult to me. In that sense, you could call me quite digital. I have, with help from friends (and ART), learnt to appreciate grey.
    If you catch me on a bad day, you’ll see me revert to my very digital yes-no, black or white behaviour. This might explain some of the comments I make on FB or Twitter.
  • Disclaimer: this blog is personal and thoughts and opinions expressed do not represent my employer’s (Quest Software as of 16/04/2012).
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