Google Play doesn’t get “online” buying.

October 15, 2012 Comments Off on Google Play doesn’t get “online” buying.

Now don’t expect a great review comparing all the details of the services, but… I’ve started noticing some oddities on Google Play that wouldn’t have occurred on iTunes.
First of all, to open an account, you need a wallet. In my wallet is my credit card and a bunch of vouchers that came with my Nexus7. It’s a UK credit card, with a verified UK address, and obviously I bought the Nexus here around the corner! Last week, during my holiday in Turkey, I couldn’t buy (I could update!) any apps as they were not available in the country I was in. Same thing for a book I wanted to buy. Despite my UK credit card, me physically being away from home was enough reason for Google to deny me the privilege of buying from their store.
Now that wouldn’t have happened with Apple. Whilst in Belgium for all those days when Karen was in hospital in Belgium, Apple never denied me buying something from their store. Unlike Apple, Google hasn’t taken into account that you could be travelling.

Now I’m back in the UK and thought I’d buy the book I wanted! So there we go… Google had given me a reasonable amount of credit on the Google Play store, so that I could buy a bunch of stuff. Today is the first day that I’d get over my intitial allowance, so my credit card should be used! But guess what, it’s part of my wallet and cannot be used. No reason given.
It’s the same card as the one I use with Apple, so maybe I should go back buying content with Apple. Seem reasonable enough, not?

And where on earth is the Google helpdesk?

Oh yeah… it’s not only Google Play that thinks you cannot travel, although situation isn’t exactly the same here…


Apple, the end?

September 18, 2011 Comments Off on Apple, the end?

I’m just hoping that it’s sort of the end of my Apple Store issues. (no I wasn’t predicting the end of the appliance maker). I will of course file a complaint about the fact that Apple wants to prevent me taking software to another country.
Apart from that, it’s still not possible to re-purchase software when you move to a new country. But for some odd reason, I can now update apps bought in the Belgian store even though my account is linked to the UK store. Last week, I could only do that on the phone itself. But I’ve just seen an update for dropbox in my iTunes on the Mac. So this could indicate that the update problems are finished and despite Apple not allowing me to take my software (and linked to that: my updates) to another store, I can technically do it again.

All is well that ends well?

Apple support

September 8, 2011 Comments Off on Apple support

So I haven’t posted anything since 24/8. That was the day that I discovered that re-purchasing my apps in a different didn’t really work. This means, they don’t show up in your Purchase History on the iTunes store and what’s more… as soon as updates are out, you cannot update the app anymore because iTunes still thinks that this app comes from the previous store (see previous post on Apple’s stand on bringing over your software licenses from one country to the other).
So I opened a new case with Apple Support to explain the situation. There have been 11 communications back and forth in which I explain that I cannot re-purchase previously bought products. I’ve put this in so many different wordings that it became almost impossible to find new ways of explaining my problem.
Out of the 11 replies, 2 replies were replies where from people that had actually bothered to read my question.

Apple has some of the most awesome products in the current gadget/computing industry. I adore the functionality and ease of use (although I have reverted to the shell for copying files over different volumes, a trick Apple hasn’t mastered on the main OS). Because most of the problems are probably standard problems, already solved, Apple Support employs people on the low end of the market. Comprehensive reading skills don’t seem to be a necessity there.
But is it too much asked to teach these illiterates to pass on the cases to second line support as soon as they are clearly frustrating their customer?

Anecdote: One of the replies from Apple support stated that I should consider moving back to Belgium in order to solve my problems… srsly!!!

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