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October 30, 2005 Comments Off on Enlighten me!

15 cars set to fire!Riots in Clichy-sous-Bois, because some guys who were said to be fleeing the police took shelter in an electricity sub-station!

What or who were these people rioting against ? I agree, if you are stupid enough to flee into an electricity sub-station, government has gone wrong somewhere. Either it was in not doing enough in education, either they should have protected these young guys by putting them into some home for the retarded.

I do empathise with the family, but I wouldn’t set light to cars and go out rioting with 23 injured police men as a result?

I also don’t get why the police denies that they were following these young lads? If they were, they were! If the police now has to anticipate the stupidity of the people they follow, where does that lead us ?

UPDATE 31-10-2005
: last night riots started again !


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